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Expanding access to quality, affordable health care →

Building the strongest public schools in the nation →

Closing the digital divide and bringing every Virginian online →

Building an equitable, restorative justice system →

Lifting up working families with fair wages and a strong economy →

Expanding access to quality, affordable health care

Expanding access to healthcare and making it more affordable will be Destiny’s top priority if she is elected to the Virginia House of Delegates, especially for children and older adults. Destiny firmly believes that how we treat our children, older community members, and community members living with disabilities shows who we are as a society. Right now, too many of those Virginians and their families are being forced to care for themselves and are lacking the appropriate assistance needed to live the fullest, safest, healthiest lives. We can do better, and as a Delegate, Destiny will fight for change. As a member of the House, Destiny will:

  • Lower the cost of prescription drugs
  • Expand notice and education on what current resources are available for care across the Commonwealth
  • Streamline the process for family members and others interested in the home health care field to obtain the proper certifications to provide high-quality care to those in need
  • Enhance and improve access to incentives for those who care for individuals in need
  • Increase funding for grants and expand access to and affordability of resources for older adults, including home health care services
  • Broaden and leverage community partnerships to improve access to services for individuals in need

Building the strongest public schools in the nation

Destiny knows that education, no matter how informal or formal it may be, is the gateway to new opportunities and the ability to better one’s life. And as a former educator herself, Destiny has seen the plights of educators, education professionals, students, and families. As a Delegate, Destiny will work tirelessly to fund our public schools so every child, no matter the color of their skin, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity, has access to a top-notch public education. She will also fight to improve the lives of the hardworking professionals who work day in and day out to prepare young people for success. As Delegate, Destiny will:

  • Raise teacher pay and pay for education support professionals, while also improving staffing ratios so every student can access the supports they need to succeed
  • Increase access to reading and math volunteers and specialists
  • Fight to end the school-to-prison pipeline once and for all
  • Ensure our youngest learners have access to pre-k, regardless of their ability to pay
  • Increase funding for apprenticeship programs, and expand vocational and technical education curricula in schools
  • Engage students and their parents about career pathways, college funding opportunities, and more
  • Ensure career fairs offer a diverse range of opportunities, including information about apprenticeship programs
  • Invest in additional incentives for individuals interested in becoming an educator in the Commonwealth

Closing the digital divide and bringing every Virginian online

While Virginia has made significant strides improving access to broadband in recent years, many communities continue to lack access to proper infrastructure or cannot afford access in their homes. In 2023, access to broadband means access to opportunity, and we cannot rest until every home is connected in an affordable way. As Delegate, Destiny is committed to closing the digital divide and working with her colleagues to deliver universal, affordable broadband once and for all. Destiny will:

  • Ensure that small businesses who provide internet are giving the most cost-effective and affordable internet to the communities they serve
  • Work to provide further funding to localities to support internet access
  • Make sure that the infrastructure is upgraded while expanding access to affordability programs as well


NOTE: Henrico County 2023 VATI Grant Application
The vast majority of Henrico County has broadband access. Henrico County submitted an application for state VATI funds ($501k) to connect the final roughly 400 addresses in Henrico. This effort would also ensure residents have access to the Affordable Connectivity Program

Building an equitable, restorative justice system

Destiny firmly believes that our democracy is strongest when all community members are able to participate and make their voices heard. And she believes every person affected by the actions of people in the position she seeks, must have a voice. That includes individuals who have paid their debts to society after being convicted of a crime. In recent years, Virginia has worked to modernize and automate the restoration of rights process under Governors Northam, McAuliffe and even McDonnell. Now, Governor Youngkin is rolling that process back, preventing thousands of eligible Virginians from having their right to vote restored. Destiny will not sit back while this injustice continues. As Delegate she will:

  • Call on the governor to take action and use her voice to hold him accountable
  • Work with her colleagues to pass a resolution allowing for voters to consider a constitutional amendment to guarantee the automatic restoration of voting right
  • Assist constituents in their efforts to get their rights restored

Lifting up working families with fair wages and a strong economy

As the communications director for the AFL-CIO, which serves over 330,000 union members and their families across the Commonwealth, Destiny deeply understands the plight of working families. She has spent years in the fight for equal, equitable, and safe worker rights and protections for all Virginians and knows firsthand how much work we have left to do in the Commonwealth. Too many families, including those living in the 80th House District, are struggling to make ends meet and put food on their families’ tables. They are also lacking access to critical benefits like health care, paid sick, family and medical leave, and more. As Delegate, Destiny will fight her heart out every single day to improve the lives of her community by fighting for higher wages, better working conditions, comprehensive benefits, and access to opportunity. Destiny will:

  • Protect hard-fought minimum wage increases and work to increase them further as the cost of living increases
  • Expand unemployment insurance
  • Ensure every worker has access to equitable safety and health protections on the job
  • Increase funding for apprenticeship programs and other worker training programs
  • Build on Virginia’s collective bargaining law so every worker has the ability to fight for better pay, benefits, and working conditions

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